Dr. Tracy M. Knighton, First Lady

drtracyDr. Tracy M. Knighton, affectionately referred to as “Dr. T,” is a native of Albany, Georgia, the wife of Pastor Lawrence C. Knighton, and the First Lady of St. James Baptist Church.  A Christian woman of compassion, humility and grace, Dr. T is known for her “keeping it real” guidance and advice, love, and wisdom, which she shares wholeheartedly to the women of St. James Baptist Church.

Dr. T, a licensed professional counselor has earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia); a master’s degree in School Counseling from Albany State University (Albany, Georgia); as well as a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University (Sarasota, Florida). She is the ministry coordinator of the Women’s Ministry (Women of Influence) and Christian Education Coordinator at St. James Baptist Church.

Dr. T’s passion and mission is three fold:

  1. To EDUCATE God’s women to know who they are in Christ.
  2. To EQUIP God’s women with the Word of God.
  3. To EMPOWER God’s women to fulfill their heavenly appointed destinies.

Leading by example, Dr. T encourages the women of St. James Baptist Church to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. “Women are nurturers by design. We give according to who we are. Therefore, if we are love (Christ in the earth), then we can give love.”

Dr. T is a woman of true character and she handles her obligation to serve in ministry alongside her husband with the utmost love and dedication. Dr. T performs her earthly assignments as a wife and ambassador of God’s kingdom with an authentic and sincere heart.