St. James Baptist Church History

One hundred thirty-three years ago in Baconton, Georgia, by a huge oak tree on Pearidge Place there stood an old log cabin. This cabin was called “The Pearidge Prayer House.” In 1876, organized by Reverend Collin T. James, this “Prayer House” became St. James Baptist Church. Reverend Collin T. James was a dynamic preacher and spiritual leader who served the church and the community for over 40 years. Since her inception, St. James has had twelve Pastors:

  • Reverend Collins T. James – 40 years
  • Reverend C.W. Whitaker – 28 years
  • Reverend C.B. Bradley – 2 years
  • Reverend R. D. Wynn – 3 years
  • Reverend R.C. Crouch – 4 years
  • Reverend H.C. Anthony – 11 years
  • Reverend Jake Edwards – 4 years
  • Reverend R.B. Smith – 25 years
  • Reverend James King – 3 years
  • Reverend C.L. Green – 4 years
  • Reverend M.W. Merritt – 5 years
  • Reverend Lawrence C. Knighton – Present

During Pastor Knighton’s tenure at St. James, St. James has experienced unparalleled numerical, spiritual, and financial growth. Numerically, St. James’ church membership has quadrupled in the past five years. Spiritually, her members are awakening to their God-given potential. God has gifted Pastor Knighton to teach God’s Word and empower His people. Empowered people are people who are ready to work in the Kingdom for the edification of Christ. Financially, spiritually and numerically under Pastor Knighton’s leadership, contributions have more than quadrupled since 2006. This is a direct result of Pastor Knighton’s teachings from the Word of God and his love for the people.

St. James is enjoying outstanding Christian fellowship. The flock is growing and the ministries of St. James are expanding. St. James is moving forward, setting and achieving her God given goals. Pastor Knighton allows the Holy Spirit to have His way which glorifies the presence of God in each and every worship service.

St. James’ future is limitless because we are teaching God’s people and changing lives!